The agency of the return of investment


Inbound Marketing

Increase the number of prospects and new customers by developing communication that generates value.

Sales Enablement

Implement the necessary processes and technology for your commercial team to double sales closures.

Customer Service

Customize a platform that allows you to follow up on all the requests and complaints of your customers.

Marketing and Sales Technology

Implements marketing and sales platforms that are revolutionizing the industry.

We currently work with more than 30 companies in Mexico and LATAM.
Freelan Marketing is your option if ...

You cannot measure the ROI of your social networks’ strategy or Google.

Your marketing strategy is not increasing the sales of your company.


Your commercial area needs more sales opportunities; cold calls and massive mailings no longer work.

The leads and prospects generated by your strategy are of very low quality.

You need a CRM and sales tools to optimize the work of your commercial team.

Or your company just does not have a digital strategy to generate demand.

We have solved all these problems in more than 60 companies in recent years. Schedule a free consultation here.

Learn Why Inbound Marketing is the trend that is revolutionizing digital marketing worldwide

Success stories

Learn how Acuity Brands broke the regional record in creation of qualified leads.

Annual increase
qualified leads

site traffic

Learn How SIDECO increased its organic traffic by 300% in six months.

organic traffic

number of leads

Learn how Sierra Nevada School increased lead generation by 300% and increased its traffic by more than 100%

lead generation

website traffic

Discover why Freelan Marketing is called
"The investment return agency"

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