Digital Marketing within Distribution Industry

The best way of finding new clients is in Internet

In Mexico, it is very common within the distribution industry that companies do not achieve their ideal growth. Finding clients is more difficult every day.

The old practices like the purchase of database and cold calls by the commercial team work less every day. The only way to guarantee the future of a company in this industry is to find new ways to generate customers: this is where the Internet is changing things.

What would happen if instead of looking for customers, they will find your company?

All of this is possible by implementing an Inbound Marketing and online sales strategy..

You need an Inbound Marketing strategy

Our extensive experience in the distribution industry allows us to guarantee quality prospects interested in the products you distribute. We are the only Inbound Marketing agency in Mexico who’s expert in this industry:

  • We create and/or optimize your customer attraction channels in order to generate a process for people who visit your site to become prospects.
  • We generate quality content to attract the customer you need.
  • We make you appear in the top positions of search engines like Google so that you are present when someone searches for your products or services.
  • We focus our efforts on your clients becoming your promoters.
  • We measure ROI accurately. We know how much money our strategy is generating.

We have worked with all types of distribution companies in Mexico and LATAM:

  • Medical equipment
  • Auto parts
  • Machinery
  • Consumer goods
  • Supplies
  • Etc.

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