Influencer Marketing In Mexico

Recommendation is the key

The Influencer Marketing Marketing is a technique that has had one of the most impressive booms for marketing in recent years. And it is obvious: social networks open the doors to a radical change in the way we can approach our customers: nowadays, there is a much more human and direct communication (because we are talking about a recommendation made by a flesh-and-blood person)

83% of consumers fully trust on the recommendations made by their friends or family, while 66% consider the opinion of products that other users recommend over the internet.

This has a very important value in the way in which we make ourselves known: there is a direct channel with users through recommendations; which can mean an unprecedented scope in the number of people that we want to transmit a message.

Imagine what you can achieve if an online figure recommends your product and service!

Word of mouth marketing is still the best marketing. To achieve this you need the help of an expert.

An influencer can position your brand better than any advertising

Thanks to the influencers and the image and trust they have built with their followers through social networkstoday you have a direct channel to establish a first contact with your potential customers in the best possible way: with a recommendation.

Our five-year experience with influencers has taught us to work together to create strategies strategies that not only stay on the screens of your prospects' devices; but have an impact on generating new customers

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