Lead Generation

Cultivate a base of potential clients
for your business

The way in which contacts are generated to convert them into customers no longer works as it did before; invasive techniques such as cold calling or buying databases do not work to generate business opportunities.

To create a base of contacts and qualified prospects, efforts must be directed towards the curiosity and interest of ideal clients.

Each base must be based on a specific strategy with different goals depending on the channel through which you want to communicate with the prospect.

We have years of experience and we have realized that the best way to do this is through organic methods such as:

– List building: Creation of a database with multiple purposes and relying on multiple and different contact channels that can be from telephone to chats.

– Newsletter list adquisition: We generate specialized databases to generate communication via email, starting a direct and less invasive conversation focused on generating business.

– Sales leads generation: We get your company to build a machine to acquire leads and MQL's (Marketing Qualified Leads) to increase your sales.


How many contacts do you want to get?

If you have a specific number in mind, we can reach it. If you have several new clients in mind, we can also reach it.

We rely on the best tools for Lead Generation so that your contact portfolio and qualified prospects grow and thus guarantee a much higher percentage of business closures.

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