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Why getting new clients has become so hard?

Legal offices work very differently from other companies:

  • While in other industries there are defined and organized sales and marketing departments, in the legal firms industry the generation of new business falls on the partners and contacts they can make.
  • Partners take care of everything, as well as maintaining the attention and relationship.
  • This sales process is very tedious and it also distracts the partner from his other responsibilities.

Today it is very complex to attract new clients and prospects in an industry where advertising is neither seen nor received.

In addition, having presence in media without spending excessive amounts in rankings and publications that only the offices read, does not generate new clients.

The way to get clients is changing radically

Today, the potential clients of your firm can know everything about you:

  • We live in an era where the Internet is the place to look for service information.
  • that will work from now on are not those that use all the advertising media, but those that know how to be just in the right media. It's about knowing how to be present, that's the key.
  • It's about knowing how to be present, that's the key.

Because of this, digital marketing becomes a VERY POWERFUL OPTION for attracting prospects and converting them to clients

Attention: Implementing Digital Marketing tools does not guarantee success.

As in everything, you must have a strategic attraction, conversion and closure methodology.

This is when the so-called Inbound Marketing. comes into play. The main function of this is to collect all the tools of Digital Marketing aimed at generation of qualified leads who can later become clients of your firm

Use Inbound Marketing to generate qualified prospects and new customers

We have 5 years of experience generating success stories with great players of the legal industry.

You must take that step and you should do it now. Change your traditional marketing strategy to one of Inbound Marketing. That is, change your intrusive marketing strategy to one of attraction marketing..

The Inbound Marketing attracts customers because it generates value to your prospects since day one:

  • Walks with them during the decision process of their next legal service.
  • Answers to all their concerns and provides them with the necessary tools to make the best decision.

This is how it works: If you generate value you will automatically attract more leads

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