Marketing Automation

Automate your customer attraction and retention processes

The Marketing automation is a methodology that uses specialized software to automate marketing actions.

But what can be automated exactly?

Companies usually automate emails and SMS messages, including WhatsApp messages, but much more can be done than that.

You can automate internal alerts for your commercial team, database management, you can even automate the launch of an advertising campaign..

Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation: the perfect match

The Inbound Marketing focuses on attracting, and is specifically linked to process automation. With it we can attract people through our social networks, our blog entries, forms, ... But generating so many contacts it's no use if you do not provide the right follow-up.

The Marketing Automation allows certain actions generated by your clients and prospects to trigger a series of processes (which are called workflows) that keep constant communication and adequate follow-up to each of your prospects.

This makes it easier for you to take care of what matters most closing clients

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