Programmatic & Rich Media

Programmatic & Rich Media are turning things around

Programmatic is the set of diverse and multiple digital tools to connect a specific audience with a message. These tools are operated to reach the broadest scope through specific segmentations.

Programmatic is ideal for programming different formats and with the ease of operating them through a Private Market Place (PMP), which means that you can reach a defined scope through publishers; that is, pages and websites in which your ideal public is visiting.

On the other hand, Rich Media is a marketing method used to create interactive formats with which you can guide your audience; which means that you can have a kind of micro site within this format; such as:

  • Photo galleries and video carousel
  • Clients’ attraction forms
  • Animations and transitions
  • 360 Videos
  • Interactive expandable

Digital advertising in the right eyes

Both came to change the way in which digital advertising works, since they represent an opportunity in which our prospects and leads can not only see ad hoc advertising with what they are visiting on the internet; but they can interact with it and create an experience.

The best of all is that it is 100% measurable, and better yet, they represent a great support for what is known as Brand Safety, which is to ensure that your brand only appears based on its institutional values.

Today, programmatic and interactive advertising are possible and guarantee the best results for your company.

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