Sales optimization

Coordinate the efforts of your sales and marketing areas

The Sales and marketing teams are the reference source to acquire and maintain relationships with customers.

Successfully aligning both areas can be complicated in business, in fact, many companies fail in this. The alignment of sales and marketing is a fundamental point so that companies can offer a memorable and (even better) customer experience.

The reason: your team does not sell

Currently, the members of an average commercial team invest 59% of their time in activities that are not related to the generation of new clients.

Imagine the impact of this on your organization!

It is essential for any commercial team to work on its structure, critical processes, hiring process, qualification of prospects and other variables that will guarantee a greater number of business closings.

How can I know if I need to optimize the processes of my commercial team?

In general terms, by asking these questions:

- Is your commercial team frustrated because goals are not achieved?

- Are the sales of your company stagnant; do old practices such as cold calling or database purchase no longer work?

- Do your salespeople invest more time in prospecting than in closing business?

- Does your commercial team have a management system like a CRM?

- Is the management team able to adequately forecast the results of the next months?

United and coordinated work generates a better outcome.

How can we optimize the sales of your commercial team?

These are some of the areas in which we can help:

- Commercial team assessment

- Techniques to properly hire successful sellers

- Consulting in variable compensation schemes

- Development of sales processes

- Objectives and KPI's definition

- CRM Implementation

- Documentation of sales processes: manuals, key messages, etc.

- Prospecting qualification consultancy

- Benchmark of high performance sellers

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