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SEO Optimization

Optimize costs by appearing in the first positions

More than 70% of people who search for products or services on Google click on a page that is not advertising.SEO (Search Engine Optimization) mainly serves to attract new customers and consolidate within the market without paying for advertising.

Reduce the cost of getting clients.
SEO is an essential tool of digital marketing that allows you to position your website in the first places of Google using keywords relevant to your business and a constant optimization of your website.

At Freelan, we are experts in:

- Develop a strategy with SMART objectives (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and with a defined time).

- Implement different stages of research and definition of your buyer person so that the keywords or topics that are defined can be positioned and aligned perfectly with what your target would look for.

- A good SEO plan that considers and studies the competition. We use the latest and best tools to analyze the performance of the competition.

Analyze your website and optimize your page as a key aspect that will give you organic positioning.

Some of SEO’s benefits are:

- Traffic increase

- Increase prospects and new customers

- Increase brand visibility

- Exact ROI measure

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