Email Marketing

Forget about SPAM: connect with your prospects

The Email Marketing Marketing is one of the tools that guarantees a greater return on investment since it helps to manage a specific and personalized communication with your database.

At Freelan Marketing we specialize in building a database of prospects that we feed with interesting content that provides value to create business opportunities.

Manage and maintain an ideal contact with your prospects

  • Measurement of exact and specific results to know exactly how the campaigns are working.
  • Personalization for a closer message with your customers and prospects.
  • We take advantage of the time time by guaranteeing a return on investment and a clear focus in each campaign.
  • We use the most innovative marketing automation platforms Such as Hubspot and Salesforce

A good Email Marketing strategy increases the interaction of your website. Remember that more traffic means more sales opportunities.

Do you want to be the direct communication channel with your ideal client? We make it possible.

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