Customer Service platforms

A new trend: everything revolves around the client

Good service is the key to overcoming one of the most difficult activities for companies: keeping customers happy..

It is proven that attracting a new client is 10 times more complicated than retaining a current client. However, there are so many companies in the market that it seems that all their efforts are focused on the opposite: attract and not retain.

The age of the seller vs. the age of the client

We must understand that times are changing radically.

In the era of the seller, which was lived a few decades ago, the seller and the company had absolute control of the sales process.The customer or buyer only had control over the final decision: buy or not buy. If the client received a bad service, finding other similar products or services was complex, and the offer was limited.

In the client´s erathey have control over practically the entire sales process. The client or buyer now has all the tools to research about the product or service, research what suppliers are in the market along with the reviews from other customers. If the customer receives a bad service, he can easily find a new provider and replace it. The offer of products and services is very large, the competition is very strong.

In this new era, customers expect:

  • Post-sale communication
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Multi-platform service: telephone, mail, chat, social networks, etc.
  • Real-time case tracking
  • Personalized service
  • Mobile apps
  • Among many other things

Fortunately, in this new era there are technological platforms that help companies with all the expectations of a new customer.

Service Clouds or Service Hubs

Due to the radical change in the way companies give attention to their customers, Service Cloud or Service Hubs were born; they are basically platforms that integrate all the tools that a company needs to provide a better service to the customer.

A service platform usually includes the following tools:

  • Special screens for customer service representatives
  • Special screens for customer service managers
  • Case tracking modules
  • Modules to automate communication with client
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Automation platforms
  • Knowledge libraries to empower the client to solve their own doubts

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