SEM Advertising on Google

Find your ideal client in Google

What is the best channel to promote your brand? Google is one of the most important search engines, without a doubt you need to be there.

In At Freelan Marketing we are Google partners, that means we have all the necessary experience to create and optimize campaigns that generate business results.

Some of SEM advantages are:

  • Get more customers: We help you attract new visitors to your website, increase online sales and get calls from prospects. Remember that 90% of online searches are done on Google, so the potential audience is huge.
  • Ability to advertise locally and globally: We target your ads to customers in specific countries, regions or cities, even at a specific distance from your company.
  • Reach the right people at the right time: Google users will find your business precisely when they are looking for what you offer.
  • You only pay for results: We generate a strategy that you will pay when someone clicks on your ad and visits your website. That is, when your advertising is successful.
  • Ability to measure ROI accurately

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